A Tuition Free K-8 Public Charter School Serving the Fox Cities.

All Flex Academy students receive a free YMCA of the Fox Cities membership and Chromebook.

All Flex Academy students receive a Fox Cities YMCA membership and Laptop

Flex Academy 2019-2020 Enrollment!

If you are interested in attending the 2019-2020 school year, please contact the school office at 920-687-6650.

Parent Pages

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents."

Jane D. Hull

Parent Comments:

"Thanks for "getting" my daughter.  She is so happy this year.  I read this and I am thankful she has a teacher who allows her to put her own ideas into her learning. This is truly the first year she has loved her school!!

My favorite thing about the school is that we have no limits as to the learning. I honestly can't think of something I don't like."

"My personal reasons for loving Flex is the perfect balance between home time and school time.  As mom we have bounced from pubic school to homeschool. I felt like I was not organized enough to do homeschooling independently and I hated them being gone all day when they attended public school.  So now they have the social environment of "class time" and still having home time.  We have our nights free to be a family.  Another important reason is we have some children who struggle with traditional learning.  At Flex we were able to test the students at their level so we can go back and fill in any gaps that were missed.  It has taken the stress out of learning and "trying to always catch them up."  It requires mastery of a subject, which I love.  The 3rd component we appreciate is the amazing staff at Flex.  When you have teacher who care and want to see Flex successful it is the cherry on top.  I was immediately impressed to see teacher's children in the Flex.  To me that said they are willing to go the extra mile to assure Flex is an amazing school."

What is a Learner Coach?

A learner coach is an adult in your child's life who teams with teachers in a collaborative, reflective relationship to enhance content and instruction to increase student learning.  You as the parent know what is best in your child's life. That is why our flexible model allows for you to have some control over your child's schedule.  We are here to support you. Your role in coaching is a supportive professional relationship that bridges instruction and opportunities with classroom practices.  Coaching provides seamless teacher support from the learning of new content and instructional practice through the implementation process.

Learner Coaches engage in:
  • Collaborative conversations with teachers to support learning
  • Helping teachers transfer what they learn about new curriculum and teaching practices into their classrooms at home, YMCA, wherever!
  • Providing demonstration of lessons
  • Collaborating with teachers to plan and implement learning opportunities
  • Working with teachers to hone specific instructional strategies
  • Working with teachers on the use of formative assessment data to inform instruction
  • Encouraging teachers to talk about their practice with them and with one another
  • Mutual problem solving to assist teachers in implementing and mastering new curriculum and teaching practices
  • Encouraging their child in their learning to reach the maximum potential
  • Developing a schedule just right for each student that meets their needs and is willing to follow that schedule

Teachers and Learner Coaches will be able to share in professional development that is embedded in the classroom, and meaningfully connection to teaching learning.

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