A Tuition Free K-8 Public Charter School Serving the Fox Cities.

All Flex Academy students receive a free YMCA of the Fox Cities membership and Chromebook.

Flex Academy Enrollment!

If you are interested in your child attending the 2019-2020 school year, please click the "Enroll Now" button to complete our Interest Form.  If space becomes available the school office will contact you. 

If you are interested in your child attending the 2020-2021 school year, please attend one of our mandatory Parent Informational Meetings.  A list of dates and registration forms can be found under the Informational Meetings tab. 

Questions can be directed to the school office at 920-687-6650.


Personalized Learning

We believe that each student is unique, and so learning experiences must consider the abilities, interests, learning styles, and preferred ways of expression of each student.

Flex Academy believes that differentiation attempts to address the variety of learners in the classroom through different approaches that change instruction to meet the individual needs of students.

We also believe that learning can be easily personalized by assigning enrichment and/or intervention activities according to the student's needs and interests.

Project Based Learning

Project based learning is a different approach to education, which believes that students learn best when they're interested in a real-world problem and then, with a teacher's skilled guidance, take ownership of the challenges involved in solving it.  Student classroom experiences at the L-Zone has our student's complete projects like these to achieve a deep understanding of the standard curriculum, while also building lifelong learning habits and vital workplace skills.  In particular, they develop what have come to be called 21st century skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and information media literacy.  

Edgenuity (Formerly Compass Odyssey)

Edgenuity is a Web-based Integrated Learning System (ILS) that can enhance every student's opportunity to achieve.  Curriculum is aligned with state and national standards to provide an engaging and stimulating learning environment for students.  A variety of instructional approaches support multiple learning styles, intelligences, and levels of achievement.  Teachers and administrators in the Flex Academy use Edgenuity as part of their daily strategies to provide students with appropriate learning activities, to monitor progress, and measure performance on objective-based common assessments.

Research shows achievement levels increase when parents are directly involved with their child's education and take an active role in their learning.  Student learning can be further enhanced when parents partner closely with schools and teachers.  The Flex Academy understands the importance of this valuable partnership and the impact it can have for learning.

Students, Teachers, and Parents can access Edgenuity anytime or anywhere!!  Teachers and parents will monitor student progress and work with them on learning activities.


i-Ready will provide students with an innovative diagnostic assessment and engaging instruction.  The focus of this online program is reading and math.  i-Ready helps teachers effectively assess students and then provide individualized instruction based on each student's unique needs.  The online instruction is designed to be both challenging and engaging, by using contemporary animation along with interactive lessons.