A Tuition Free K-8 Public Charter School Serving the Fox Cities.

All Flex Academy students receive a free YMCA of the Fox Cities membership and Laptop

Flex Academy Enrollment!

The application process for the 18-19 school year is from December 8th through January 8th. 

Please click below to fill out the online application form. 

By filling out the application form your student(s) will be entered into the lottery for a chance to attend the Flex Academy.   

All applicants will recieve a postcard in February with an update of the process moving forward for the 18-19 school year.

Questions can be directed to the school office at 920-687-6650.  

The Enrollment Process

Who can apply?

Any student currently enrolled as a Little Chute district resident and any current open enrolled student attending a Little Chute School or another district may apply to Flex Academy.  

How do I apply?

Flex Academy is open to any student provided they complete all parts of the application process. Enrollment procedures are as follows:

  • Fill out an enrollment form during the application window.
  • Attend a scheduled Informational Open House to learn about the unique learning experience at Flex Academy.
  • Families who live outside of the Little Chute School District will need to file the necessary paperwork for Open Enrollment. Procedures for doing this can be found on the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction 


Is there an enrollment cap for Flex Academy?

Yes, there is a cap of 75 students for the 17-18 school year, which is based on the grade level caps established by the Governance Council.

What if applications exceed the enrollment cap?

If there are more applicants than spaces available, enrollment will be determined based on a lottery established by the Flex Academy Governance Council and the school’s by-laws. The lottery process will be conducted by an independent party.

Current Flex Academy students, siblings of current Flex Academy students will receive enrollment preference. Waiting list spots will be determined by the lottery drawing as well. Applications that are received after the established deadline are added to the waitlist in the order in which they are received. Students must be either a resident registered in the Little Chute School District or has been accepted to a Little Chute school through Open Enrollment.


What if my child is not picked during the lottery?

If applications to Flex Academy exceed the 75 student enrollment limit, a lottery drawing will be held. Applicants will be notified of initial acceptance by mail. A return confirmation from a parent will be required within 2 weeks.   Any applicant previously wait-listed will be drawn using the lottery process to fill available space.

 Note: Students who live outside the district MUST open enroll within the Little Chute Area School District.

What if I live outside of the district and want to open enroll my student at Flex Academy?

The Little Chute Area School District’s Open Enrollment window begins in, February and goes through April. 

Note:  The primary requirement for admission to the school is the timely submission of an application by the stated deadline.  Upon approval by the Little Chute School District, special education students who apply by the deadline will be admitted to the admission process.  Notification of acceptance will be made by the district.

If I submit an application for multiple children is it possible that one would be accepted and not the other?

Once one child in a family is accepted to Flex Academy all current K-8 siblings who wish to attend will be accepted.  


If my child is accepted, do I need to re-apply each year?

No, if your student is accepted into Flex Academy they are enrolled for their K-8 academic years.


If my child is currently on the waiting list, do I need to re-apply for the next year?

Yes, applications and wait-listed students will not carry over from year to year.