A Tuition Free K-8 Public Charter School Serving the Fox Cities.

All Flex Academy students receive a free YMCA of the Fox Cities membership and Chromebook.

Flex Academy 2019-2020 Enrollment!

If you are interested in attending the 2019-2020 school year, please contact the school office at 920-687-6650.

Flex Academy Charter School FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public school created through a school district to use creative instructional techniques to deliver curriculum around a specific focus. The Flex Academy is an interdisciplinary studies school that uses technology infused curriculum, along with project-based and site-based learning.

Is this a public school?

Yes, the Flex Academy is a non-profit charter school which is directly connected to the Little Chute Area School District. We have community partners who have joined to work together for the better of students in the Fox Cities.

Is there a fee to attend?

No, the Flex Academy is a public school so there are no fees to attend other than those fees typically required of students in public schools.

Who is allowed to attend?

Any current student in the Little Chute Area School District is eligible to apply to attend. Individuals who currently attend other school district institutions are eligible to apply during the annual open enrollment period from February to April. Homeschool families should enroll in their home district and then enroll in the Flex Academy. The enrollment for the Flex Academy is capped at 100 students for the 18-19 school year and will be capped at 105 for the 19-20 school year. 

What if there are more than applicants than the cap allows?

If more than students apply to attend the school than the cap is set to, a lottery process will be implemented utilizing a random selection process to ensure equitable opportunity for enrollment. The Little Chute Area School District does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, learning ability, or family income level.

How will students be distributed; will there be an equal percentage divided by grade?

Students will be educated in a multi-age setting. There is no predetermined percentage allocation by grade. This setting will allow teachers to more easily differentiate students’ instruction for their individual learning needs.

What if I have another child in my family who would like to attend?

An automatic enrollment preference into the Flex Academy shall be extended to siblings of current Flex Academy students.

How will I know if this is a good learning environment for my child?

The Flex Academy provides a blended learning environment to a diverse group of learners. Students will have the opportunity to work in same grade as well as multi-grade level teams on projects and use technology extensively.  Learning is facilitated by experts from the Little Chute Area School District, YMCA, and the community.

How is technology utilized?

The Flex Academy is a technology-rich learning environment where sharing and collaboration take center stage. Each student has access to a Chromebook and a variety of other technology. We are a 1-to-1 learning atmosphere.

Will my child receive additional subjects similar to what they enjoy at their current school?

Flex Academy, while focused on learning in core subjects, also incorporates topics such as music, art, and physical education to round out the curriculum. These topics will be infused throughout the day and in projects on which the students are working. Students will also be able to take advantage of programming through the free membership to the YMCA. Students could also participate in band and other extracurricular opportunities as a part of the Little Chute Area School District.

Will my child be offered the opportunity to participate in extracurricular sports activities? For example, basketball?

The determination on extracurricular activities is reliant upon student interest and availability in the elementary/middle school in the district. If there are students interested in a particular activity, but not enough to form an entire team, we work with the students’ home schools to coordinate participation in that school’s activities.

What is the student/teacher ratio at the Flex Academy?

The ratio of students will be no higher than 25 students to 1 staff member. This ratio is comparable to the ratios at other schools in the Little Chute Area School District. The ratio will be reviewed and revised as needed.

Will food service be available at Flex Academy? Will my child be able to have hot lunch or will he/she need to bring lunch from home?

During the 16-17 school year, the Flex Academy began providing a food service for lunch. We are able to offer students cold lunches while they attend the L-Zone. Students are also welcome to bring a cold lunch from home if they prefer.

How do I get involved with Flex Academy? Do you need volunteers?

If you have the skill set that lends itself to our key concepts, we invite you to get involved with Flex Academy! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Lead Teacher Kent Swanson: kswanson@littlechute.k12.wi.us